Friday, May 4, 2012

Living Room Progress - Part 1

When we first walked through our home we fell in love with the open layout downstairs. We loved how the kitchen and downstairs living room were open to each other.

Kitchen as of August 2010 (Realtor Picture)

Living Room as of August 2010 (Realtor Picture)
We weren't a fan of the yellow color on the wall when we walked through. We weren't a fan of the honeycomb blinds which were a cream color. But, we knew we could make it work. We moved our stuff in and lived with it for a few weeks.

This is a picture taken while standing at our kitchen island. The garage door is to give you an idea of where we enter the house, right into the kitchen/living room area. We knew right away we wanted to paint, change the blinds, add curtain hardware and curtains. We knew right away we were going to replace the light - it was just to small for this space.

I like the corner fireplace, even though I've learned its hard to decorate around. We originally thought about hanging our TV over the fireplace but since our cable is in the corner across from the fireplace we couldn't do that right now.  I knew I wanted to hang a mirror or collage of some sort above the fireplace. I was also hoping to find a new TV stand.

Now, this is a view from our living room into our kitchen (the door in the hallway is our half bath). Not much changing in the first update round of the kitchen, mostly just paint. We would love to update the appliances, install hardwood floors, and paint the cabinets but its not in the budget right now. That and we want to live in our spaces for a while and figure out how we use it.

Before we purchased our house I thought it would be easy to pick paint colors. NOT! Not, for us anyways. We are very neutral people so I knew the walls wouldn't be anything crazy - not in a large room like this. So, I wanted to find a tan or brownish color. After eight paint samples we finally picked the ones to throw up on these walls. Since this update was completed before the blog was created I don't have pictures showing all the paint samples but if you check back tomorrow I will be revealing the current living room set up!

Do you find it difficult or easy to pick paint colors? Are you a more neutral person with big spaces or do you like to take a chance on fun color?


  1. I like the color you picked in the living room. We like the neutral colors too. Our walls were that nicotene yellow. As I was reading about selling a home I read that yellow is a color that can make someone want to buy. So we went with a softer yellow. I am a big fan of accent walls. Once we move I want to paint the boys rooms, and let them pick colors. I think it will be fun! I can't wait to see your next post!

  2. The yellow color is actually the builder yellow. We changed it :) I liked it - but the entire house was that color. Plus, all the rooms really needed to be painted so we figured we would change it anyways. You won't have to wait long, the post should publish tomorrow at 9am :) I hope you like the new color!!