Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Catch Up

Memorial Day weekend is over already? I don't know where the time the going, but I can't believe it is almost June!!! Last week our computer crashed which caused me to have a mini meltdown. Thankfully, I have a wonderfully awesome brother-in-law that loves to be our own personal Geek Squad. So, he had our computer since last week up until last night. I will had to admit, without internet, I was a lot more productive :)

Our Memorial Day went by crazy fast - it didn't help that Brian had to work Friday - Sunday from 4am to 9pm. The Indianapolis 500 was this weekend and he had to pull long days since he works for the Indiana State Police. So needless to say, when Monday rolled around he didn't want to do much of anything. However, I was thankful I was able to spend Memorial Day with the best Marine I know - my husband! We took sometime to remember close friends and loved ones who served in the military, some we lost in war, some we lost in old age but all remain close to our hearts.

While he was working Saturday and Sunday I had a cook out to go to, a girls luncheon to attend and some major house cleaning/organizing. So I have a few projects to share this week.

Did you do anything for Memorial Weekend? If you have young children, did you explain the importance of Memorial Day?

I'll be back soon with some projects - hope you stick around!

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  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend! My memorial weekend was good, busy with seeing all of our family!