Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Bells

"My first glance fell on your heart" - Johann F. C. Schiller

With the stress of our bank accounts (mentioned here) I completely forgot to post all about a beautiful wedding we were honored to be invited to the other weekend. On June 16th, the hubs brother, Paul, married the love of his life, Heather. They have both been married in the past so they decided to do a simple and laid back gathering at Cataract Falls in Owen County, Indiana.

We had never been to Cataract Falls before, honestly, I didn't know Indiana had waterfalls! It was a perfect weekend for an outside wedding. The sun was out, which did make it a little hot, but there was a nice breeze.

The Park side that we were at had two waterfalls, people were actually swimming in them so I didn't take any pictures of the water area. I didn't want to post strangers, in there bathing suits, on here! But, even the rock area was beautiful. It only cost $5.00 per vehicle to enter the park. People were having picnics, parties, swimming, etc - we plan on adding it to our Summer Do List!

While we were waiting on everyone to arrive I walked around a little bit snapping as many pictures as I could get. Nature amazes me sometimes.

Back to the wedding...below is Paul and Heather. This was right before the ceremony, they were having a talk with their marriage officiant, which is also a very close friend to Paul. I think it was awesome they were able to have someone marry them who they both really care about. I just love this picture, the laughter and smiles are completely in the moment.

I love this picture too, what you can't see is Kalen, Heather's son, is standing in front of them. They took a few minutes before the ceremony to have a little family prayer. Priceless.

This delicious looking man is my hubby :) He was the videographer and I will have to say I think he did an amazing job!

They decided to do the ceremony overlooking one of the larger waterfalls. She wore a simple white dress and he was comfortable in khakis and an Hawaii theme shirt. The actually ceremony only lasted about 10/15 minutes, but it was perfect and fit them to a T.

They were so happy to finally say "I do". He proposed last year and had been counting down the days since. I am so happy for them two, they are a perfect pair. I wish them many years of happiness!!

I love this picture of the four of us, it will be framed very soon!!

And anytime we are able to get an updated picture of the two of us, I jump at it! We barely have pictures of us so I cherish the ones we get. I love weddings and the meaning behind them.

I can't believe this year will mark seven years for me and the hubs, the time sure flies when your having fun :) Since we didn't have a ceremony or anything, I've been thinking of renewing our vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Needless to say, seeing Paul and Heather's very simple wedding ceremony, has made me think of a million and one ideas for a possible wedding vow renewal! I am sure I will keep you all posted!!

Did you have a large or small wedding ceremony? Or did you just get "hitched" and go to the court house like we did? Have you thought about renewing your vows? I would love to hear all about and possible get some ideas for the future!

Time for Change

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Saturday night, when I couldn't sleep and my husband was snoring, I decided to take another stab at my blog design. I liked my other blog design but I didn't love it! It was to dark and to busy for me. Even though the background had a simple shape and a neutral color, I wasn't feeling it.

I've really been loving the linen style backgrounds and after a few minutes looking online for free linen background images, I found the background fairy and she was offering exactly what I was looking for. I saved her free linen background faster than my smile could disappear and uploaded it on Twenty63.

The header I simply created in word with free fonts and shapes, saved it as a picture, resized it using picmonkey and bam...a free custom header. For the moment I love it! What do you think about it? Do you like the new look, the old look or could you really careless? Be honest!! :)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Silent Thief

The past week has been a crazy unexpected week. I had post planned out all week, so I am a little behind since none of them have been posted. Some of it I blame on the Fifty Shades series, I'm addicted I tell ya. But, most of it I blame on silent scum-balls!

Last Friday, I received a call from our Credit Union asking if me or my husband were on a shopping spree in California....we live in Indiana. I have never been to California. My husband hasn't been in California since 2005. So, no we were not on a shopping spree. But, one lucky unknown individual was having a ball at our expense. In less than 24 hours, a fraudster completely cleaned out our checking account and house savings. Leaving us broke in our main account. On a Friday. Before an extremely busy weekend which included my husband and nieces birthday, a wedding and fathers day. I wanted to scream!

Thankfully, we bank through an awesome Credit Union who had the money back in our account by this past Monday. Unfortunately, we have not had a debit card since we had to order a completely new number. This normally wouldn't be so bad, but we still use a Credit Union in Virginia. As mentioned above we live in the Indiana, blah. So, we have been "broke" because we don't have a branch close to us to do a cash withdrawal. Let's just say its been an interesting week! As of today, we still haven't received our debit card.

This has taught us a few things!

  1. Fraud sucks!! This I already know since I'm a Fraud Investigator (As I typed this, I remember I haven't officially introduced myself or the rest of my family! Maybe, I will start a weekly post so you can get to know us a little better!!)
  2. We use our debit card WAY to much. We never carry cash. This will be changing in the very new future.
  3. I am extremely loyal to our Credit Union, we have been banking with them for almost 10 years. But, its time to move our accounts to Indiana so if this happens again we have access to quick cash.
If you've been wondering where a new post is I've been preoccupied with researching local banks and Credit Unions and reading the Fifth Shades series (I'm already on book three!!). But, I have a few things to post about so I hope you check back tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I'm Reading

I love to see what other people are reading so I decided to start posting about the current book(s) I'm reading. I don't really have a certain type of book that I normally go for, I will read anything. Almost all of my female friends and family have read this book and one offered to let me borrow it - free book without going to the library, don't mind if I do!

Yep, the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey. I can't tell you anything about it since I haven't even cracked it open yet. I better get on that!

What are you currently reading? Do you have a favorite author? 


Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Monday is back...for now

Hi y'all! So, I'm trying to stay on track and keep posting Menu Monday. I'm still trying to keep us on our weekly budget that I first mentioned here and honestly I've been doing pretty good. I went grocery shopping tonight after work, which I hate to do but it had to be done, and went a little over budget spending $94.36. But, it's not to bad, I was able to stock up on some awesome meat sales Kroger was having so I am sure I have enough meat to last into next weeks menu planning. Is it just me or does meat take most of your grocery budget? It's getting crazy out there!!

I am loving my new menu board and the Mr has stopped asking me every day at 4:00 via a text message "What's for dinner?" because he is able to check it out on his way to work. One thing I have learned about posting my menu plans here is that we need to try some new recipes. I am kind of a picky eater. The Mr. will eat anything. So, I am going to be spending a lot of my free time checking out new recipes, if you have any good ones feel free to share :)

This is what we have planned at Twenty63 this week:

Me: Blueberry muffins and yogurt
Hubs: Banana and OJ

Me: Caesar salad with chicken, grapes and graham crackers and peanut butter
Hubs: Ham & Cheese sandwiches, grapes, fruit snacks, cheese crackers and baked lays

Monday: Pizza & Buffalo Wings
Tuesday: Baked Ziti & Garlic Knots
Wednesday: Grilled BBQ Chicken, Grilled Corn & Rice
Thursday: Enchiladas & Mexican Rice
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Brother in Law's Wedding
Sunday: The Hubs Birthday & Father's Day Dinner Out

This week we don't have a date night but we have a wedding to go to which will be fun. Saturday is the hubs birthday, as he welcomes on the big 3-1, our nieces birthday, she is turning 22 (which makes me feel old!) and Father's Day so it should be pretty busy.

What's on your menu this week? Have you tried any new recipes lately? I need to add some to my old book so add them below or copy and paste a link!  


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kitchen Addition: Menu Board

The past few post have been kitchen related - you can see where my mind has been lately!

As I've attempted to get in a regular schedule of posting on weekly menu - even though I have failed lately - I needed to find a Menu Board solution. At first, I was just writing it on a piece of paper and using a magnet to keep it on the front of the fridge. Then I started adding it straight on our calendar. This worked fine - but if we had a lot of appointments, our calendar blocks weren't large enough to handle it.

Enter the wonderful internet. I searched Etsy, Pinterest and some other great blogs for some inspiration.

The first one I fell in love with was from The Creative Mama:

What I love about her design: the little cards list the ingredients on the back - genius! This would make menu planning and grocery shopping easier since you would have all your ingredients at your finger tips. You can click on the picture to be taken to her blog post explaining how she created this masterpiece!

The second one I ran across and loved was from

What I love about Tara's design: It's simple. I love simple. I also love that it's reusable because it's a dry erase board. I also like that she used her Cricut to decorate it because I have one and I love any excuse to use it :). To learn more about her process feel free to click on the picture and hop over to her blog. 

The third board I ran across was on Etsy and being sold by Pixbyemily:

What I love about her design: It's simple but creative. I love the burlap and the colors. I love that it's dry erase and can be reused. I also like the fact that she used a photo frame, so if in the future you change your mind completely you can also reuse the base. Everyone has a use for a extra photo frame.

So armed with these great ideas, I knew I wanted the following:

(1) A dry erase system - we try a lot of new recipes, so I wanted something easily adjusted.
(2) Simple - we are always busy and I wouldn't be able to find time to sit down and type out all of our recipes any time soon. Maybe in the future I will but I wanted something now - I know, I'm impatient.
(3) I wanted something cheap.
(4) I wanted something I could make myself and/or print.

I stumbled across Smitten Blog Designs and her wonderful free printable. They are awesome and she has three great weekly menu printables {that are free} which look like this:

I think they are totally awesome but they weren't available in the colors I wanted. I was looking for something with a gray background. Since I recently found my love for Microsoft Publisher I decided to try and create one for my kitchen. I loved Smitten's design so much I copied it, which I normally never do, but I loved how simple it was.

From all the inspiration and great layout from Smitten Blog Designs, I came up with this:

I made this using a free background I downloaded from Sprik Space. I stumbled across Sprik Space a few months back and instantly added her to my favorites. Not only is she generous enough to share a ton of free printable's, but she is an amazingly strong woman. To learn more about her and check out some of her wonderful free printable's, hope over to her blog!

In Microsoft Publisher I just added text boxes and used free font's that were on my computer (either standard or free downloads). I picked the background color of light gray. The title is yellow with blue dashes outlining the box and the font is in brown and black. 

I picked Sunday through Saturday because I always go grocery shopping on Sunday (start of my menu week) and I only shop one week at a time. It works for us. I added it to a 8x10 frame from target and it became the newest kitchen addition.

Sorry about the horrible night time pictures! I just use a dry erase marker to write on the glass and use a damp cloth to wipe it off. This is the current weeks menu, so far I love it. If I ever want to change it out with another printable or if I decide on a totally different system it will be an easy switch. Plus, I only have $4.00 invested in it (the cost of the Target frame). 

I keep it next to the stove and pantry (you can't see the pantry door but it's to the left). Makes coming home a breeze and now the hubby knows where to look when he is wondering "What's for dinner". If you want a copy of the my menu printable feel free to download it by clicking here! I just ask if you use it and post about it to link back to me :)

Slowly I am getting some more color into the kitchen. I can't wait to change out the hardware, paint the cabinets, get new counter tops, install a back splash, and get new appliances. Of course all that is down the road - it's a very very very long road :)

How do you plan out your dinner's each night? Do you stick to a budget and write out a menu? Or do you wing it every night? Make sure to check out some of the other blogs as well, they all have some great ideas! 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kitchen Addition: Exotic Angel

Oh yeah, you read that correctly - Exotic Angel. Before you get your mind completely in the gutter, let me just break the suspense and let ya know it's a little plant :)

The hubby and I were strolling through Meijer over the weekend when this little guy stole my heart:

Prior to this purchase we had zero house plants. I've always wanted one but I am horrible at remembering to water them, so I need something low maintenance. The Mr. loves anything that is connected to the outdoors so he was happy to see me slowly walking over with this little guy (I don't know why I am referring to it as a little guy - that's just the vibes I'm getting from it!).

Then as we were discussing the plant maintenance and the Mr. was demanding lovingly telling me it would be my sole responsibility to water it every now and then, this little lady caught my eye:

Right now our Kitchen is brown on brown on brown. Since we have a standing arrangement that we both have to agree on major changes, as I've mentioned before, the house is pretty neutral right now. But, to my surprise Brian liked the yellow too!! Something about this little lady makes you smile as soon as you see it, maybe because it's tiny (why do small things always make us smile? Oh, it's just me? mmmkay).

I knew it had to come home with me! So, now this amazing couple is living in my kitchen window:

We normally have the blinds down during the day while we are at work, so it gets a little sun action from 5:00pm until the sun goes down, it only requires low light. We've had it hanging out here since Friday night and it's doing wonderfully.

Forgive my night time pictures - I snapped these Friday when we got home because of course before the front door shut all the way I was putting it together. 

I love the details of this little guy! And it doesn't hurt that I have some color, especially one of my favorite colors, in my kitchen with me. Now, when I'm cooking or cleaning dishes I have something pretty to look at! This little addition inspired another tiny addition in the kitchen - but you have to come back to tomorrow to check them out!

Total cost break down:
Exotic Angel $2.99
Yellow Pot & Dish: $2.99
Additional potting soil already had
Total $6.00

Do you have any house plants? We are currently checking out some larger house plants to add in our living room. Do you have a green thumb or are you like me and plant challenged?