Friday, February 8, 2013

Bathroom Update

In my last post {a month ago} I mentioned we were starting the new year with a bathroom change up. A long over due change up. We decided to work on the guest bathroom (aka my bathroom). We have two full baths in our house, one in the "hallway" upstairs and one in the master bedroom. The master bedroom bathroom has a huge tub and a small standing shower, I hate the shower. I love the tub but I don't take a bath very often. So, the guest bathroom quickly became my personal bathroom when we moved it. I don't mind it being in the hallway and honestly I think separate bathrooms save my marriage :)

Here is the before:

The same yellow color we have slowly been painting over, builder grade mirror and light fixture (which you can't see) and a builder basic vanity. I hated this vanity. It had absolutely no storage, the bottom was just one big open section. No shelves, so it had a ton of wasted space. The drawers, if that is what you want to call them, were so tiny that my eye shadow would only fit sideways. They were as wide as a travel size container of q-tips. Plus, the middle section that looks like a drawer in the picture was a fake drawer since the sink bowl was in the middle of the vanity. Also, the curtain rod was an extension rod left by the previous owners which wasn't long enough to completely tighten. We had it resting on the lip of the shower surround. I had it fall off and hit me in the head many times over the last two years. It was time to go.

Doing this project while I was 25 weeks pregnant was a challenge in and of itself, so sadly I only have one before and one after picture. The "after" isn't complete yet, I still have a few things to add, so I am sure you will see more of it over time. But, enough of the chit chat and lets see some progress!!

Here is the current "after":

Can I just say I absolutely LOVE it!! I seriously feel like I am in a spa every time I use it, I thank the color mostly for that feel. This is the first room that isn't a neutral color. I was nervous at first but I think it was a perfect choice. I still think this is Phase 1 of the bathroom re-do, I still need to find a rug or two that I like and I am thinking of some type of art.

Check back as I will be posting a follow up with the price breakdown and where we got everything.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello, 2013!

::blows dust off of the computer::

Hello and Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a wonderfully fabulous holiday season! I can not believe it is already the second day of 2013.   The past few months have been extremely busy and exhausting. After working all day I hardly have the energy to cook dinner and make it to the couch in my comfy clothes before I fall asleep. This pregnancy is kicking my butt, but I am loving every minute of it. Now, that I have a ton more energy and roughly 16 weeks until this little bundle of joy is going to rock our world, I hope to start posting more frequently. Before jumping feet first into 2013, I wanted to take a second and walk down 2012.

Our Short 2012 Recap

The Mr was blessed with the opportunity of a new job at the beginning of the year. A job that he enjoys still to this day which is more of a career than just a job. I took a day trip with a girlfriend and we shopped our butts off at Ikea in Ohio. The hubby and I took our first trip to Indianapolis Zoo, which is huge! We were there for several hours and I still think we missed a few exhibits. We completed a few house projects which included the downstairs half bathroom {I still need to blog about!!}, painted the entire downstairs and had a privacy fence installed {Another project that needs to be blogged!}. We were able to see Brian's brother get married to a wonderful woman. The ceremony took place at Cataract Falls in Indiana, which is truly a beautiful site. We plan on taking a few family trips there this year once the little one is born. We were able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas will family and make wonderful new memories.

The biggest thing of 2012 - we learned our family of two was expanding to a family of three!! In August this news simply took our breath away. Honestly, sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure it is true. This has been a dream of ours that we never thought would come a reality. We are blessed with an overwhelming large number of family and friends who are whole heartily excited for us as they know our journey. This made me realize that everything in your life can not be planned, it may not happen when you want it to happen but it will happen when it needs to. I learned to take life one day at a time. I learned that I put to much stress on myself, I feel like everything has to be perfect but in the end, it only matters if it's right for you. In December we found out that our little peanut it a BOY! :)

I know I am missing a ton of adventures and things we did, I blame it on my preggo brain and the lack of pictures we take!!

Our 2013 Plans

Our biggest plan is to be the best parents we can be. Nothing else seems to matter right now and I know once our little man is in our arms we won't have much energy or time for anything else.

Our 2013 "Resolutions" 

This year we didn't make official resolutions because they simple never stick. This year we talked about goals we want to accomplish, big or small. Here is my list:

  1. Become re-organized. The past few months we have lost all the organization we had.
  2. Work harder on becoming debt free!! This is a huge item we both agree on.
  3. Take more pictures. We NEVER carry our camera with us and hardly have any pictures to look back on.
  4. Spend more time with the people who truly matter in our life. We spend too many weekends being busy on nothing important.
Along with my list of goals, we have a long to-do list to get things ready for the baby. Which should keep me busy with blog post :)

Did you make any new years resolutions or a list of goals you would like to accomplish? What were your best memories from 2012? I would love to hear all about it. :)