Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Free Weight Loss Tracking Printable

It seems like every January most people plan to start the journey of weight loss. Some stay on track all year, others fall off once girl scouts starting selling cookies. Why do they have to start selling those delicious resolution killers in January? It's a set up!

I'm not really starting over this January, I'm just pressing play in a journey I started back in June of 2016 and may or may not have fallen off track around the holidays! In March of 2016, I gave birth to our second son. By the time I gave birth to him on March 25th I was at my highest weight EVER!! A number a never thought I would see under my feet. I was determined once I was cleared that I would kick butt and lose all the weight. And when I say all the weight, I mean every ounce of baby weight I have ever gained (plus some). My end goal - a weight I haven't seen since the second year of my marriage! How was I going to do this? Weight Watchers!!

I've been on Weight Watchers before, you know when I thought I was fat but I wasn't really fat. I love the new program and smart points. Since having my son in March, I am down a total of 34 lbs! I am completely happy with that number but I acknowledge that the number would be more if I worked the plan harder, that's a goal in 2017. I still have roughly 65 lbs until my end goal, so my journey isn't even half way over.

To help me stay focused and to stay on top of where I am and where I want to be, I created another printable. Again, like all the printables I make, I am offering it to you for free! If you are on a journey to a healthier you, please feel free to download them. Right now, they are made to fit a happy planner classic, you just follow the cut lines once you print it. If anyone wants a different size leave me a comment and I can update it to that size.

The first printable I made was a basic weight loss tracker. I do use Weight Watchers Online where I track my weight in the app; however, I like tracking on paper as well.

Download Here

The second printable I made was a measurement log. Again, I keep these measurements in my Weight Watchers app, but I like to have them written down as well.

Download Here
I just started using these in my planner and I love it! If you print it, I'd love to see it in use. If you post your planner layout on Instagram, leave me a comment below and I will check it out!

What was one of your New Year resolutions? Did you "press play" on a goal from last year? How are you doing so far a little over two weeks into 2017?