Sunday, September 24, 2017

Product Review: Yummi Bear Organics Complete Multi-Vitamin for Kids!

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Weston, my sweet and crazy four year old, is some what of a picky eater. He loves fruit, could careless about vegetables and would love to live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Most of the time for dinner he will entertain us and eat most of his food, usually leaving behind a few small bites of something. I often wonder if he is getting enough vitamins and nutrients to ensure healthy growth and development. But, if I'm being honest, medicine and over the counter vitamins have always worried me more.

There are so many vitamins on the market. What kind do I get him? Are they chemical free? Will the ones I pick be the best option? It's slightly overwhelming, like almost every thing else that involves motherhood. Seriously, where is my parenting manual? I thought I'd receive it in the mail by now.

What would I want in a vitamin for Weston? For starters, I would want something that he wouldn't put up a fight to take. Something he would also like so he would want to take it. If someone could make them in peanut butter and jelly flavor that would great! No, but seriously. It has to pass his taste test.

Also, I would want something free of artificial flavors and colors. Both of my boys love fruit, so if I could find something that was fruit flavored half the battle would be in my favor. Preferably, GMO free and bonus if it's made in America.  

To my surprise, that's where Hero Nutritionals comes in with their Yummi Bears Organic Complete Multi-Vitamin for kids to steal the show! Now, if I'm being honest, I knew nothing of Hero Nutritionals before Moms Meet introduced me to them, but I am so glad they did. 

This vitamin met all of my requirements and surpassed them! Yummi Bears Organics were invented in 1997 and are the first, and only, kid multi-vitamin that has nothing artificial in it. You read that correct, nothing, nada. 

These little gummy beauty's are made of fruit pectin and are gelatin free. They are packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B12 Vitamins and D3 Vitamins. The are full of 16 essential nutrients to aid in a child's growth and development. 

The biggest pro: Weston loves them! I tried one too, and I understand why. They are sweet and tasty, you almost forget they are good for you. Made of natural strawberry (my favorite), orange, and pineapple (Weston's favorite) flavor. The daily dose is three a day and I often have to remind Weston he isn't allowed more than three. But, if you ask him his favorite things about mornings, he will yell, "SWEET BEARS!" - that alone is a win in my book!

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