Monday, May 7, 2012

Living Room Reveal

Last time we discussed the living room it looked like this. Before I started Twenty63 we completed a few changes so I am finally adding some updated picture of our downstairs living room and kitchen area. Disclaimer: I am not a photographer. At all. I am using a camera B bought me five years ago and it's nothing fancy. But, it does what I need it to do right now so it keeps me happy. It would probably help if I read the manual and found out everything it actually did but that doesn't interest me I don't have time for that.

We knew we wanted this room to be cozy and since the room gets so much natural light we didn't want to do a really light or bright color. We wanted it to be warm and lived in. Like I've said before and will probably repeat a million times, we are very neutral people. Well, let me say B is a very neutral person. I would love to play with color and textures, but we like for both of us to agree on big changes and purchases. It keeps a happy home :)

 Let's get to the good part.....

 We picked Martha Stewart's Fawn color for the main walls in the living room and the kitchen. The fireplace is a lighter brownish color by Pittsburg Paints called Happy Trails We added bronze curtain rods and a light brownish/tan curtain with a very simple design. I would love to hang some DIY curtains made of a fun fabric down the road but this is what we agreed on as of now. The TV stand we bought from walmart, which was a great upgrade from the glass open shelf stand we had before. I like that you can't see all the cords and boxes we have hooked up to the TV. We also took down the boob light old light and added a ceiling fan which also gives us a lot more light when needed.
This is probably the truest picture of the two colors. The sun pouring in from the windows makes the picture look a little fuzzy to me. The collage added above the fireplace was a clerance find at Bed Bath & Beyond, along with a famous 20% off coupon made it impossible for me to pass up. The frames are in a bronze/espresso finish. I have been looking for some additional accessories to add on the mantel but I haven't found anything I like yet.
In the kitchen we have painted and updated the blinds above the sink. The doors leading out to the patio haven't been updated yet because they are a speciality size. I am trying to determine how we will change it without spending over $100. I am still on the look out for some pillows or pillow covers to add some color into the living room.
 I can't wait to change out the gold handles on the cabinets and pantry door. I am thinking of trying to spray paint them to save some money, as soon as I decide I will be sure to update y'all! Please ingnore the black space above the microwave, the cover fell off and we are looking for a replacement since it cracked in half -- awesome.
 This is what I call compromise. I'm not a huge fish tank person. B loves them. This was a free fish tank and we already owned the stand that its sitting on and it fits perfectly in this space. Do I LOVE it - no. Is my husband happy - yes! Sometimes, that is all that matters. The hallway is the same color as the fireplace as well. You can kinda see our half bath in the left corner (which has also been updated so I will post about that soon!).
 This is the other side of the hallway and it is the door to the garage - next to it is the shoe closet. As you can see my dogs love photo time.
 Moby kept sitting infront of me and I swear he was saying "Please, please take my picture". At only a year old he is the newest addition to our family.
And Nevaeh, who I lovingly call Fatty, ran to her normal spot as soon as I moved into the kitchen. She is the old lady of the house being the ripe age of eight :)

So you don't have to go to the previous post, lets do some before and afters:



This room isn't done, it will be ever changing, but I like where we are at right now. You may also notice we changed the furniture layout too. I desperately need to get some art up - maybe if I stop pinning and start doing then this room would start moving faster :)

TDC Before and After
I'm linking up to one of my favorite blogs for the first time!!

Have you painted anything recently or updated a room big or small? Are you planning any rooms changes? I would love to hear all about it :)


  1. I love it!! It looks so cozy! I especially love the way you rearranged the furniture, it seems to have a better flow this way!! oh...and boob light! hahahahahaha That cracked me up! You guys are doing a great job and I can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you!!! Now I just need to add some color and debrown this room a little. I am thinking about adding some blue and greens. I find it funny that this room hasn't changed really since we put it like this a few months back, but we recently changed it this weekend. I love the new layout 100% and I'll show it to ya soon :)

  2. I love this color in your home! : ) I am considering it for my living space too. Are you planning on painting your kitchen cabinets? That's what everyone usually does... but I like how "warm" they look with the paint color.
    Also, your doggies are cute!

    1. Hi Christina!

      We love this color because it keeps it very cozy! I do love white cabinets, but they need to be in the right house. We personally love dark cabinets, so we plan to sand them down and stain them a dark espresso color. We think it will look great with a nice light colored back splash and some new cabinet hardware.

      Thank you for stopping by!! It hasn't been very active around here lately but I hope to get back on the ball soon!! :)

    2. Yeah, we have too much action for white cabinets so they always look grimy! Cheers!