Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kitchen Addition: Exotic Angel

Oh yeah, you read that correctly - Exotic Angel. Before you get your mind completely in the gutter, let me just break the suspense and let ya know it's a little plant :)

The hubby and I were strolling through Meijer over the weekend when this little guy stole my heart:

Prior to this purchase we had zero house plants. I've always wanted one but I am horrible at remembering to water them, so I need something low maintenance. The Mr. loves anything that is connected to the outdoors so he was happy to see me slowly walking over with this little guy (I don't know why I am referring to it as a little guy - that's just the vibes I'm getting from it!).

Then as we were discussing the plant maintenance and the Mr. was demanding lovingly telling me it would be my sole responsibility to water it every now and then, this little lady caught my eye:

Right now our Kitchen is brown on brown on brown. Since we have a standing arrangement that we both have to agree on major changes, as I've mentioned before, the house is pretty neutral right now. But, to my surprise Brian liked the yellow too!! Something about this little lady makes you smile as soon as you see it, maybe because it's tiny (why do small things always make us smile? Oh, it's just me? mmmkay).

I knew it had to come home with me! So, now this amazing couple is living in my kitchen window:

We normally have the blinds down during the day while we are at work, so it gets a little sun action from 5:00pm until the sun goes down, it only requires low light. We've had it hanging out here since Friday night and it's doing wonderfully.

Forgive my night time pictures - I snapped these Friday when we got home because of course before the front door shut all the way I was putting it together. 

I love the details of this little guy! And it doesn't hurt that I have some color, especially one of my favorite colors, in my kitchen with me. Now, when I'm cooking or cleaning dishes I have something pretty to look at! This little addition inspired another tiny addition in the kitchen - but you have to come back to tomorrow to check them out!

Total cost break down:
Exotic Angel $2.99
Yellow Pot & Dish: $2.99
Additional potting soil already had
Total $6.00

Do you have any house plants? We are currently checking out some larger house plants to add in our living room. Do you have a green thumb or are you like me and plant challenged?


  1. I am totally plant challanged! We have never had house plants. We tried planting some lillies outside once, they actually did pretty good! I have been thinking of getting some cheap plants outside to make the house look pretty.

    1. OH!! and I think your little guy is cute! I have never seen one of those before.

    2. Our outside plants do fine since Brian's job is yardwork; however, I recently bought my first hanging basket and I think it has died on me twice because I forget to water it. I am trying to get better but I'm not holding my breath haha. We really need to work on our outside curb appeal, it's not bad just doesn't really flow. But, I have no idea where to even start when it comes to that!

    3. We have been working on our curb appeal... I just need to figure out what I want planted... something simple and cheap so I am in the researching phase!