Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Bells

"My first glance fell on your heart" - Johann F. C. Schiller

With the stress of our bank accounts (mentioned here) I completely forgot to post all about a beautiful wedding we were honored to be invited to the other weekend. On June 16th, the hubs brother, Paul, married the love of his life, Heather. They have both been married in the past so they decided to do a simple and laid back gathering at Cataract Falls in Owen County, Indiana.

We had never been to Cataract Falls before, honestly, I didn't know Indiana had waterfalls! It was a perfect weekend for an outside wedding. The sun was out, which did make it a little hot, but there was a nice breeze.

The Park side that we were at had two waterfalls, people were actually swimming in them so I didn't take any pictures of the water area. I didn't want to post strangers, in there bathing suits, on here! But, even the rock area was beautiful. It only cost $5.00 per vehicle to enter the park. People were having picnics, parties, swimming, etc - we plan on adding it to our Summer Do List!

While we were waiting on everyone to arrive I walked around a little bit snapping as many pictures as I could get. Nature amazes me sometimes.

Back to the wedding...below is Paul and Heather. This was right before the ceremony, they were having a talk with their marriage officiant, which is also a very close friend to Paul. I think it was awesome they were able to have someone marry them who they both really care about. I just love this picture, the laughter and smiles are completely in the moment.

I love this picture too, what you can't see is Kalen, Heather's son, is standing in front of them. They took a few minutes before the ceremony to have a little family prayer. Priceless.

This delicious looking man is my hubby :) He was the videographer and I will have to say I think he did an amazing job!

They decided to do the ceremony overlooking one of the larger waterfalls. She wore a simple white dress and he was comfortable in khakis and an Hawaii theme shirt. The actually ceremony only lasted about 10/15 minutes, but it was perfect and fit them to a T.

They were so happy to finally say "I do". He proposed last year and had been counting down the days since. I am so happy for them two, they are a perfect pair. I wish them many years of happiness!!

I love this picture of the four of us, it will be framed very soon!!

And anytime we are able to get an updated picture of the two of us, I jump at it! We barely have pictures of us so I cherish the ones we get. I love weddings and the meaning behind them.

I can't believe this year will mark seven years for me and the hubs, the time sure flies when your having fun :) Since we didn't have a ceremony or anything, I've been thinking of renewing our vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Needless to say, seeing Paul and Heather's very simple wedding ceremony, has made me think of a million and one ideas for a possible wedding vow renewal! I am sure I will keep you all posted!!

Did you have a large or small wedding ceremony? Or did you just get "hitched" and go to the court house like we did? Have you thought about renewing your vows? I would love to hear all about and possible get some ideas for the future!

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  1. I love this, and what a beautiful location! I agree, these last 7 years have dissapeard practically! I have thought about doing something small for a Vow renewal. Maybe something where people can swim and fish, and have a BBQ. I think that would be fun!