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Product Review: COOLA Sunscreen Products

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Hello, end of August and the last few weeks of summer! I know many people are sad summer is over - kids are back in school here in Indiana - that always seems to cue end of summer feelings. But, my favorite season is approaching fast: FALL!! Bring on cooler weather, sweatpants, hoodies, hot chocolate, leaves changing and all the holidays I love. 

However, I am sad to see this summer go by so quickly; we had so much fun. Now, if you follow me on Instagram you know this week hasn't been our best week, we've seen more hospitals and doctors than I would ever care to admit, but outside of this, we have had a blast. Weston took swimming lessons, we checked out awesome local parks, had picnics, cookouts, day trips and just enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible. 

Anyone who knows me, knows me and my fair skin don't love the sun as much as we love the outdoors. I burn just walking to my car some days. Ok, that's a little drastic, but you get the picture. When I was younger, I would just lather myself up with the highest SPF I could find. Back in the 90's, my parents weren't concerned with the ingredients that were in our sunscreen. They were looking more into what fit into their budget and my Mom wanted to get lobster red, she lived by the pool laying out in the sun!

In the recent years, mostly since I've had kids of my own, I've really started to look at the ingredients in my sunscreen. Not only do I want to protect it from the sun, but I want to protect it from harsh chemicals. I mean I only get one skin, I want it to look amazing all the time! Every year I find a new sunscreen, up until this summer I hadn't found THE ONE sunscreen I would buy over and over. But, that changed!

Earlier this summer, I was contacted my Moms Meet to try several different sunscreen products made by COOLA. I had never heard of them before, but after doing a few seconds of researched I quickly learned COOLA products are 70%+ certified organic and cruelty free. There mission is to create suncare products better for our skin and our environment, a win-win in my eyes, so I just had to try them out!

They have a ton of different products to choose from on their website including sunless tan products, mineral sunscreen, classic sunscreen, lip products, etc. Any thing you can think of, for your suncare needs, you are more than likely to find it here. When I received my package, I was so excited. I received four products in total: Sport SPF 50 Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray, Sport SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen Stick, SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray and SPF 15 Peppermint and Vanilla. From these four products, we have two clear products we loved, one product I couldn't force myself to use more than once and one product I never tried. So, let's jump to the reviews!

First up, the Sport SPF 50 Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray, $36.00. This product doesn't need a long drawn out review, I'll tell you all you need to know in two words: LOVED IT! I seriously wish I could send all of you one free bottle of this stuff to try. Hands down amazing. I've never tried a spray sunscreen and I seriously don't know why I haven't. It is so hard to lather up two little active boys with old fashion sunscreen. My first 5 star rating involves the application - it is such a breeze. Literally! I was able to have both boys sprayed down in under five minutes. Like me, they loved it. Weston immediately said how great it smelled, it's so refreshing. It dries very quickly, but doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. It didn't feel greasy at all. I loved the packaging. It also provided great protection for the kids and I, it was the only product we used this summer!

The second product I tried and loved was the SPF 15 Peppermint and Vanilla, $12.00. I really liked this product, even Weston did too! We are both lip balm, chapstick, or any other product to put on our lips addicts. I like that it had a refreshing scent but if you tasted it, it didn't have a flavor. It went on smooth and a little goes a long way. It left my lips protected from the sun and hydrating, too. I really want to try one of their tinted lip products. 

The third product I tried, from the items they sent me, was the SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray, $36.00. Honestly, I wanted to love this. I currently put on a SPF daily lotion under my makeup and then use a second setting spray. I was attracted to the one step, one product answer. I tried the sunscreen and the lip balm before I tried the makeup setting spray, so I had high hopes for this product. But, after one try - I couldn't force myself to try it again. For starters, the main ingredient is alcohol and you can tell. It felt like I was spraying alcohol on my face, man did it burn my eyes. Yes, of course, I had my eyes shut when I sprayed my face. But, as soon as I opened them the burn happened almost immediately. And the smell. Oh my word, it smelled horrible. I will say it dried quickly and the smell didn't stay around, but still it was bad. I didn't tell a huge difference in my makeup staying on longer. Based on the burning, smell and results - I would not recommend this product. I wouldn't use this product again, free or not!

Overall, we loved the Sport SPF 50 Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray and SPF 15 Peppermint and Vanilla. The COOLA sunscreen spray products will make my favorites list every single summer, unless they change their formula, we will be buying it every year. You can find COOLA at Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstroms, or by visiting COOLA's website; use code DAWN20 to save 20% off of your online order on their website until September 30, 2017.

If you want to learn more about COOLA, make sure you check them out below:

What is your favorite go to suncare product for the summer?


  1. This sunscreen sounds promising. I would love to get one for my kids. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Being a women of color, the last thing I think about is sunscreen. I know it is recommended, but it is always an after thought. Maybe I'll try the lip balm...